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Why Join us?

  • 1We are committed to offering high-quality, and healthy products and helping consumers make better choices, everyday.
  • 2Be the one to help us spread our positive message to our valued families in Vietnam.
  • 3Be a member of our wonderful family’s Colosence.
  • 4Colosence Super Colostrum is a unique integrated products being collected from every pure and fresh drop of Bovine Colostrum.
  • 5Colosence Super Colostrum is manufactured and developed by nutrition experts in Health Genesis corporation, USA.
  • 6With Colosence Super Colostrum our quality is proven through the certifications issued by international organizations in the USA.
  • 7A very broad market is waiting for you.
  • 8Daily sales tips and assistance by marketing team.

Who Should Join us?

  • Whoever wants to join us to spread positive message throughout the brand
  • Obstetrics doctors and clinics
  • Online seller and marketer
  • Mom & Baby Shops
  • Pharmacies
  • Person that wants to start to learn to do business.
  • Interested in nutritional supplements industry

Advantage As a distributor

Colosence’s family is fast growing and offering excellent profits.

You are part of our community that spread the positive message for the brand

Gain your networking within distributors

Gain your sales and marketing knowledge

Very Good business opportunity for you

We welcome your interest in our business

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