The Wonderful Family of Colosence

Colosence Super Colostrum, the perfect nutrition gift from the pure nature to you – 100% pure and fresh colostrum (Not Frozen) taken from natural grass-fed cows during the first six hours after delivery

Some people refer to bovine colostrums as “Liquid Gold” and “Forgotten Miracle”. Bovine’s colostrum is low in sugar and fat but full of antibodies and contains large amounts of proteins, carbohydrate, growth factors, immune factor, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

We are proud to fully support your nutritional needs with our wonderful family of Colosence Super Colostrum, that proved its ability to enhance the immune system, prevention, and treatment.

Support and improve the personal health of all ages, by providing the essential and necessary immune factors, growth factors and all nutrition factors our bodies need.

Colosence Super Colostrum supplements are produced and developed by nutrition experts in Health Genesis corporation, USA.

The product fully meets the highest standards of quality, health and safety.

The product is designed using vegetarian capsules as opposed to gelatine capsules which are created using animal parts for a healthy lifestyle.

With Colosence Super Colostrum our quality is proven through the certifications issued by international organizations in the USA,