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We are very proud to fulfill the increased supporting needs of our precious mother and her growing baby with a powerful formula from fresh and pure bovine colostrums which is produced by the natural grass-fed cows during the first six hours after birth.

Colosence Super Colostrum, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Support, is a product designed for mother and her new baby during all stages of pregnancy; before pregnancy, during conception, throughout pregnancy and into the breastfeeding. Colosence Pregnancy & Breastfeeding contains nutrition factors that offer immune support and healthy growth support.

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Colosence is easy to digest, low in fat and high in proteins, antibodies, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins, and provide support to healthy antibodies. It is designed to offer immune and digestive support for expectant mothers. it offers immune support factors and essential fatty acids that support optimal development of infant’s heart, brain and central nervous system. Its high lactoferrin and Cytokine content support the absorption of iron and delivery of iron to the cells. The lactoferrin contained in Colosence is credited with supporting the good nutrition of a breast-feeding infants.

Colosence Pregnancy & Breastfeeding is imported from the United States, produced and developed by nutrition experts in Health Genesis corporation USA, and fully meets the strict standards of quality, health and safety for all mothers over the world in general and Vietnam in particular.

Supply and support Sufficiently the nutrients absorption of your fetus

Colosence Pregnancy & Breastfeeding contains high content of nutrients, it makes full use of nutrients not only for the mother but also for her fetus. And fully supporting the good absorption of nutrients from breast milk.

Support your infant's immune system

Colosence Pregnancy & Breastfeeding helps not only to strengthen the immune system for mother during the pregnancy period, but also to build a healthy immune system for her baby. Lactoferrin is one of the main proteins in Colosence, making up about 6% of the total protein in Colosence which is able to prevent the onset of diarrheal-causing virus, virus causing birth defects and virus which is primary-cause of ear infections and respiratory in new babies.

Support infant's digestive system
When breastfeeding mother takes Colosence Pregnancy & Breastfeeding, her infant will be given the antibodies in colosence from the breast milk. These antibodies help protect the baby's immature digestive system. Lactoferrin and Cytokin in Colosence help protect new babies from infectious diseases during breastfeeding.
Enhance and strengthen the immune system throughout pregnancy and into breastfeeding

Bovine colostrum in Colosence Pregnancy & Breastfeeding contains immune factors 40 times higher than human colostrum. That supports mother's health and protect her and her new baby from the common diseases during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Enhance the health of mother during all stages of pregnancy

Colosence Pregnancy & Breastfeeding helps reduce fatigue, prevent anemia, and keep mother healthy and safe.

Help pregnant mother to maintain healthy weight

The Growth Factors in Colosence Pregnancy & Breastfeeding boost the metabolism naturally by burning carbohydrates and therefore burning more fats. That helps pregnant mother not only to gain the perfect weight but also to keep her weight stable.

Help pregnant mother to be in a good mood

Colosence Pregnancy & Breastfeeding provides all nutritional factors, immune factors, and growth factor for mother, which can ease morning sickness, put you in an instant good mood, and feel comfortable and optimistic. These feelings are good for the fetal development.

Improve the digestive system and the absorption of nutrients during pregnancy

Colosence Pregnancy & Breastfeeding also promotes the re-colonization of bowel by friendly flora. These beneficial organisms help digest our food and insuring more nutritional value. They also enhance the absorption of nutrients, build the epithelial tissue, produce Vitamins B, and prevent infection and disease.

Colosence helps manage and adjust the ecology of gut, that will enhance the assimilation of nutrients.

Reduce the risk of diseases

During pregnancy, mother may face the risk of diseases such as: influenza, diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis...; Colosence Pregnancy & Breastfeeding has proven its natural ability to provide good health and reduce the risk of these diseases.

Help wounds healing faster after giving birth

Insulin-like Growth factor (IGF-1) is the most abundant growth factors contained in Colosense Pregnancy & Breastfeeding, that helps wounds healing faster after giving birth. It is also designed to stimulates bone and muscle growth and nerve regeneration. Also found topical administration to wounds resulted in more effective healing.

Beside IGF-1 also found in Colosence, growth factors (GH) to be very effective in promoting wound healing.

Maintain healthy and beautiful skin

Insulin-like Growth factor (IGF-1) and growth factor (GH) in Colosence Pregnancy & Breastfeeding help mother to maintain healthy and beautiful skin and treat skin conditions during pregnancy and after delivery.


Suggested: take 1 capsule 1 to 2 times daily as needed.

Dried Bovine Colostrum 500 mg. Serving per container 60 vegetarian capsules


Caution: Consult your physician if you are taking any medication or if you are sensitive to dairy products. Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a dry place and away from direct sunlight, at a temperature below 30oC