Why Vegetarian Capsules?

In Colosence Super Colostrum we care about finest detail, therefore and to insure 100% pure and natural supplements we chose the vegetarian capsules.

Benefits you get from using veggie capsules

  • Vegetarian capsules are created using cellulose, which is naturally derived from plants as opposed to gelatin capsules which are created from animal parts like bovine, pig etc ....
  • Vegetarian capsules can be stored for many years without the risk of bacterial growth, but gelatin capsules are not stable when exposed to heat or humidity.
  • Vegetarian capsule is also entirely non-toxic and 100% natural.
  • Safe way for people who want to still enjoy the benefits of speedy release and tasteless medication. without the guilt of consuming boiled animal parts.
  • It is a great alternative for people who simply do not want to take pills or capsules that they would deem religiously wrong, or morally wrong.
  • Provide a very natural delivery system for the supplement ingredients and still allow the rapid delivery of the contents to the body.

if you want to be sure you are putting nothing but the best in your body, a vegetarian capsule is the route to go. They are safe and natural for everyone.